Packing things up for the Big Move West – we’re bringing the in-laws closer to us –  we found a nifty old Schwinn in the grandparents’ shed.  Unused for years and by the looks of things, not much used before that.  The blue and white paint job is hardly faded at all, though there are a few rust spots.  The seat dusty but whole.   The tires were of course completely flat but unworn, though I imagine they’d need to be replaced anyway as old as they are.

Is it sad that the head-badge on the stem shows airplane, train, roadster, electric pole – as if positioning this “all modern Schwinn” as a vehicle for a future that was not actually all that great for bike-riding and truly devastating for biking-as-modern-transportation in this country?

My husband was actually the one to find it and enticed me out to the shed with promises of a surprise.  At first, I thought all my intense wishing for a step-through vintage town-bike had finally materialized into a usable set of wheels. 

The bike came with  front wire basket and dynamo-powered headlight.  Also, a particularly optimisitc speedometer (up to 50 mph).  No gears though which I would need for the hills between here and town and, unfortunately, too small a frame for me – though it looks like it’d be just right for my dainty oldest daughter.

Who doesn’t need/want another bike.


So, back to dreaming, I guess. Though one of these days that dream machine and I are going to find each other and the sweet cycle life will begin . . .


3 thoughts on “Dream-wheelin’

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