A Time to Train

Around here I am the everyday biker in the mundane sense – when I bike it’s for transportation – groceries, errands, trips to school, pool, meetings in town, etc., etc.

In my (present) fenderless state, biking in the rain may not be so great for the well-being of my clothes (skunk stripe = not attractive) – but that’s why we have Gore-Tex.  And until I’ve found some approximation of the dream machine, I can’t give up the very bright and yellow raingear (though I know it cannot flatter).

The weather here, out along the river outside of Portland, Oregon, is usually pretty mild.  A week or two of snow and ice, but then just rain.  Every year but last year, I still biked my ride into town most days, taking the extra few minutes to wriggle into and wriggle out of rain gear, stopping to bundle up or to shed layers.

It’s not the rain and it’s not the cold that keeps me behind the steering wheel instead of the handlebars lately.  It’s time.  The busier the schedule, the easier it gets to car it instead.  And like last year, this year has the same set of juggled balls sailing up and down through the air.  Which means I’m not so everyday as I have been.

My husband, on the other hand, really does bike everyday.

But lately he never gets anywhere beyond the garage.

He reminded me today that I too can set up my bike on the trainer – “Half an hour every morning and you’ll be steaming up those hills come spring.”

Last year come spring and the start of touring season I saw how far I’d slipped by not biking through the winter.  I have done better this year, but now that the darkest hours have passed, now that the festive busyness has been put away and the days are growing longer again it’s time to recommit to My Kind of Training –

  • kick up the “Bike it, Don’t Car it”
  • add more daily core-strengthening (planks, leg- and hand-weights, ab work)
  • continue to cross-train with daily hill-walks and the weekly 8-milers
  • go back to the twice weekly swim
  • start biking the hills and longer jaunts on Saturdays

It’s either that or the Dungeon –

-especially if I’m really going to attempt the STP – 200 miles from Seattle to Portland in one day this year.

(Am I?  What am I thinking with?)


3 thoughts on “A Time to Train

  1. Portland seems like a wonderful place to live, but I’m not sure I could take the rain. Give me snow over rain any day!

    The Seattle to Portland ride would be awesome. Keep us updated!

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