Reasons to get offline . . .

If the sun is so good as to shine

in February

in the Great NorthWET

we don’t waste any days like this inside if we can help it.  Especially when Day 1-Blue Sky is followed by

Day 2 Blue Sky

Day 3 Blue Sky

Day 4 Blue Sky

and temperatures in the 60s (F).

Next week may well be grey and soggy once more, so I really had no choice but to manufacture errands that need to be done by bike, preferably wearing these . . .

. . . which are not only Happy Shoes, but also a great motivator to bike all the way up the hill without stopping, since they’re great for pedals but not so much for climbing.

And there’s always next week to kvetch about helmets.

Sometimes the very best thing about computers is that they can be turned off and Real Life turned on.


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