spring training

Not so much dream wheeling lately, but the real wheels have still been spinning – more than ever – while working back to bike-trek strength for the summer.  I was hoping the commuting on Oma would leapfrog me ahead but the geometry is just different enough on my lighter touring bike that I can’t feel much difference.

But I still love the Oma for fast breaks between meetings:

And zipping back with groceries to meet the afternoon bus:

Just being out on the bike tunes me in to the world around.  Are there more birds this year in your neck of the woods?  I’m hearing whole choruses of songbirds.  The sandhill cranes have returned.  Two weeks ago, biking the daily route I saw

  1. a hawk floating over the scrub oak, a small silvery fish caught in talons
  2. a single quail skittering across the street, head-bobbet bob-bobbling.
  3. a red-winged blackbird pouring out song from a stand of cattails

And then I saw this Utility Vehicle the other day when I locked up at the tech lab –

Made me smile to see the home-jigged carrying platform:



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