summer miles: “Still Rain, Still Riding”

A pleasant thought still the next morning, that easy ride ahead.   Though the sun forgot to shine, turning a cloudy shoulder.
But even under gray skies, Clatskanie has appeal. It’s obviously a town with priorities in the right places . . .

Not just the eclectic charm of the Bike Inn with its offers (we see this morning) of syrup and homemade jam.  Not to mention its own boat dock.

Not to mention wooden window frames each uniquely handcarved with Nordic designs.  Not to mention an (apparently) multilingual manager.

But also flyers up all over town inviting everyone (families and fat tires to serious speedies) to the Freedom Ride this coming Fourth of July weekend – either 8 miles or 25 amidst the scenic beauties on the banks of the Clatskanie.

And all that before finding Rumi squeezed in between the coin-op laundry and the corner pharmacy on the way out of town.

That’s half a dozen improbables and all before breakfast . . .


Map route and details here.


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