A Lovelier Helmet?

Am I in love with this bicycle helmet?

(plucked rhodie optional and not included with purchase.)

I wouldn’t say love.

I still go helmetless Sunday mornings when I’m all dressed for leading the choir and don’t want to be helmet-headed.  Not entirely convinced that a helmet would do much to save my life anyway, I figure I can go without when there’s very little traffic on my quiet country roads that time of day and week and I’m taking my time anyway, tootling along on the Oma, listening to birdsong,  admiring clouds and trees and frontyard gardens.

But on the other six days when I ride harder and further and with more agressive traffic – not to mention in the company of children under the legal age – I want a helmet.

And I think I’m at peace with the helmet I have now.

(bow also optional)

Rather than save up for a Yakkay and buy it sight-unseen,  rather than either an equestrian helmet or a Bern because of the weight and heat involved,  I opted for Bell’s Citi Helmet because:

  1. It has a detachable visor to keep rain and sun off my face
  2. It’s a nice, quiet brown, leather-textured
  3. It has a quiet, rounded, reasonable shape without Tour de France venting or other ridiculosities
  4. It was sensibly priced (just under $50)

I don’t know that I feel pretty in the thing.  But at least I don’t feel so silly as I did with the DayGlo super-speed model I was wearing before.

And it has a tab in back where I can tie my polka-dot bow.

So I’m happy.  Enough.


4 thoughts on “A Lovelier Helmet?

  1. It is, indeed, a pretty helmet. Even without embellishments. You have found it. Now I won’t have to shop so long and hard when I get back on the bike.

    The helmet dilemma is real. The gift to resolve said dilemma is a rare gift. Congratulations!

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