better bike

I have a new bicycle.

I still think any-old bike is better than no bike.  That we suffer from a scourge of excess gear.  That pedalling is the one essential to a great ride.

But, when I succumbed to the Oma’s sturdy charms, I discovered what it is to ride a Better Bike.

the Oma by WorkCycles, distributed locally by Clever Cycles

I tried tweaking my old faithful hybrid’s set-up to ride as comfortably and smoothly for those rides longer and faster than I cared to tackle on the Oma.  Changed handle-bars, handgrips, saddle, fenders.  The old blue Specialized had been Good Enough.  After all my work is was Even More So.

But it was not a Better Bike.

My sister says she’s really enjoying her new bike.  She says it’s so much better than what she was riding before.

Better being a relative term.

And so now I have a new Better Bike . . .

the Long Haul Trucker by Surly, built up by Seven Corners Cycles

(for more details see about the BIKING)


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