Thank You, Imaginary Bicycle

Ah, my dear vehicle of the mind and megabyte, I never knew what you were doing for me when I first took you for a spin.

This past month, when asked quickly to email the adoption worker something about our family, where could I turn but to you?

You were just waiting all this time, weren’t you?

When together we went Cherry Picking or batted around reasons why we write or frivoled concerning The Cat Dad, when you heard me out trying to philosophize about the care and keeping of daughters or what it’s like being the mother one, how could I have known that all along you were midwifing me through what was to be part of the labor of another kind of childbirth?

And though I’d almost decided to stay away at least another month, dear Imaginary Bicycle, it seemed remiss of me not to come by and  say thank you.


3 thoughts on “Thank You, Imaginary Bicycle

  1. Oh my goodness! Can it be? I am excited to hear the details.

    I love this line “how could I have known that all along you were midwifing me through . . . .”

    I agree. I blog is more than a blog in so many ways.

  2. This sounds so exciting! I do hope you will share the details, but in any case, so lovely to see Imaginary Bicycle show up in my Google Reader.

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