taking pictures 2010 – October “Huckle Berries Local $5/pint”

I take my pictures constantly.  But not very seriously.  They’ve always been just a kind of focusing tool.  A quick shorthand to remind me what I’ve seen.  And they add a nice color to the page when I stick one in a post.

But lately I’ve been finding —  in all the writing I do — I’m always wanting to drop a photo into the page to give my eyes an image to dive into while I pull out the words and try to untangle the thread of what I’m saying.

I meant to post as a celebration of another blogal year — which for me begins and ends in October —  a year’s worth of my favorite pictures. Hoping they’d give you pleasure, too. 

Life interfered and months intervened, but I’m all for second chances.  Now rather than one huge picture post, here’s one month at a time.  Still hoping looking at some of these (again) will give you pleasure!

October 2010 – “Huckle Berries Local $5/pint”

“Huckle Berries Local $5/pint” comes from “all the things I’ll never tell you now”.

I love the purples and blues and that clear yellow, though it was a toss-up between this picture and “you come, too”

Looking through the past year’s pictures, I notice that I’m consistently fond of grids imposed on organic shapes or juxtaposed against them.  Something about the contrast. And of course, the ongoing obsession with the color, lustre, shape and texture of fruits and vegetables.


One thought on “taking pictures 2010 – October “Huckle Berries Local $5/pint”

  1. huckleberries! we used to pick them up in Idaho on the mountain…I don’t know where they were or how we found them. I need to pin my dad down on this point.

    I’m loving seeing your posts again. long may they run!

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