taking pictures 2010 – December “Thank You, Baby Born”

These are the pictures I keep coming back to: October 2010, November 2010.  Now here’s the third in the series: 

December 2010 – “Thank You, Baby Born”

I love the way the shapes of the hands reflect each other in “Thank You, Baby Born.” But it was a close choice between this and “Thank you, Swift Couriers” which I like for its inner mixed with outer — the layers of perception. I already feel nostalgic for all its soon-to-be-retro details.

Other pictures, too, still brighten my eye from this month:  “Thank you, Orange” is so very orange, “Thank you, Pillow” still looks beckoningly restful, “Thank you, Little Christmas Lights” still makes me want to have a party despite the icy puddles.


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