taking pictures 2011 – January “Walk on Water”

You can take a walk through days past:  October 2010, November 2010, December 2010 . . . or you can just Walk on Water: 

January 2011 – “Walk on Water”

It was a close call for me between this photo, “Walk on Water,” with its lovely wash of colors and watery reflections and three others: “Must Move”,  “Please Walk” and “Scatter Shadow”.

I liked seeing through the layers in “Please Walk“.  And also the signage with its many gentle exhortations, the patterns of straight lines, and that shadowy figure in red just beyond the curtain.

Scatter Shadow,” in its turn, is nicely atmospheric and I loved the pure motion and active reds of “Must Move“.  But I think the clincher for choosing “Walk on Water” was the kite.

Most of these pictures showed up as thumbnails in “and that was january . . .


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