taking pictures 2011 – February “Take Tulips 2 Tango”

Fifth in a series:  the pictures I liked best over the past blogal year:  October 2010, November 2010, December 2010, January 2011 and now  . . .

February, 2011 – “Take Tulips 2 Tango”

I had such fun with these white tulips.  They showed up in  “tongues of love, the lettered heart, and other bad translations” and then again “in different lights”.

I chose this one particularly for the romantic shadows and the tender way the leaves touch petals, but I also loved other tulip pictures:  “Consider the Other Side,” “Ripple,” and “Speak Softly” especially.  Which is not to say I am not still very much liking “Triangulate” and “Look Where I’m Standing“.  I’d never realized how anthropomorphic tulips are.  Maybe that’s why I love them so much?


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