taking pictures 2011 – April “Breathe Hyacinth”

Seventh in a series. These are the pictures I liked best in the past year:  October 2010, November 2010, December 2010, January 2011, February 2011, March 2011, and . . .

April 2011 – “Breathe Hyacinth”

April saw only two blogposts and despite the nice fruit shots in “singular plurals“,  I much prefer some of the photos I put up on why eye . . . , especially  “Breathe Hyacinth” with its rich texture.  I also love the series that includes  “Read Aloud“, but can’t tell if that’s just because it’s of Fritz & Son.  As for the series that includes “Pray in Petals” —  almost too calendar-picture-pretty.  (But with all the ugly around, is that really such a bad thing?)


One thought on “taking pictures 2011 – April “Breathe Hyacinth”

  1. Well, I think all these photos are excellent, pretty or no. I love “Read Aloud,” so it’s not *only* that the picture is of your beloveds. Lovely lovely.

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