taking pictures 2011 – August – The People’s Choice?

Which?  “Soak” or “Come Around Back”?

You’ve seen me through 11 months of favorite pictures:    October 2010, November 2010, December 2010, January 2011, February 2011, March 2011, April 2011, May 2011, June 2011, July 2011, but now I’m stuck.

August 2011 - "Soak"

Maybe it’s just because I’m writing this in a cold and rainy March, but every single picture from August is so gorgeous to me.  The sun shines, flowers and fruit everywhere, and everyone is smiling.  How can I pick just one?

How can I not choose “Am So Comple-mentary” or “Become the Bean” or “Like the Word Bramble“?  How can I not pick “Shine Like Summer” just so I can bask in those yellows?  Doesn’t “Am the Great Saladini” deserve honorable mention for its name alone (not to mention the reminder of “Toss Summer Salad” growing right outside my door)?

I guess if I must limit my choice, it has to be between “Soak” and “Come around Back” — but which one?

I love “Soak” for the cool and refreshing colors and for its portrait of water — the contrasting textures from utterly still to bubbled, the reflections from the window above the sink, the brimming meniscus around each upthrust leaf — and I love all the squiggled and curving white lines of rootlets and leaf-ribs and feel settled so nicely by seeing the strong diagonal cleaving through the roundness of the watery bowl in its square frame.

August 2011 - "Come Around Back"

Come Around Back” though is such a great study of rectangulars, all done in soft and warm primary colors — and then hand-painted signage as well, to which I am never immune.

Help me out here: “Come Around Back” or “Soak“?  Or some other August picture altogether (click on “Older Entries” to see the rest of the month)?


2 thoughts on “taking pictures 2011 – August – The People’s Choice?

  1. I’m particularly fond of “Capture Dawn in a Pitcher” and “Look on the Bright Side”, I guess because they are so different from the others, not having people or plants in them. And especially the Bright Side picture, I love how my first glance assumes it’s the universe until you point out in the caption that it isn’t…just a lowly mud puddle. But there is something so satisfying about the universe in a mud puddle and beauty in the ordinary.

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