taking pictures 2011 – September “Look on Inward Glory”

That’s it!  All the eggs in this past year’s carton:    October 2010, November 2010, December 2010, January 2011, February 2011, March 2011, April 2011, May 2011, June 2011, July 2011, August 2011 and that brings us to

September 2011 – “Look on Inward Glory”

Not many pictures from September but I really like “Look on Inward Glory” — I wonder why?



taking pictures 2011 – August – The People’s Choice?

Which?  “Soak” or “Come Around Back”?

You’ve seen me through 11 months of favorite pictures:    October 2010, November 2010, December 2010, January 2011, February 2011, March 2011, April 2011, May 2011, June 2011, July 2011, but now I’m stuck.

August 2011 - "Soak"

Maybe it’s just because I’m writing this in a cold and rainy March, but every single picture from August is so gorgeous to me.  The sun shines, flowers and fruit everywhere, and everyone is smiling.  How can I pick just one?

How can I not choose “Am So Comple-mentary” or “Become the Bean” or “Like the Word Bramble“?  How can I not pick “Shine Like Summer” just so I can bask in those yellows?  Doesn’t “Am the Great Saladini” deserve honorable mention for its name alone (not to mention the reminder of “Toss Summer Salad” growing right outside my door)?

I guess if I must limit my choice, it has to be between “Soak” and “Come around Back” — but which one?

I love “Soak” for the cool and refreshing colors and for its portrait of water — the contrasting textures from utterly still to bubbled, the reflections from the window above the sink, the brimming meniscus around each upthrust leaf — and I love all the squiggled and curving white lines of rootlets and leaf-ribs and feel settled so nicely by seeing the strong diagonal cleaving through the roundness of the watery bowl in its square frame.

August 2011 - "Come Around Back"

Come Around Back” though is such a great study of rectangulars, all done in soft and warm primary colors — and then hand-painted signage as well, to which I am never immune.

Help me out here: “Come Around Back” or “Soak“?  Or some other August picture altogether (click on “Older Entries” to see the rest of the month)?

taking pictures 2011 – July “Exchange Virtual for Vivid”

10 months of favorite pictures:    October 2010, November 2010, December 2010, January 2011, February 2011, March 2011, April 2011, May 2011, June 2011, and now . . .

July 2011 – “Exchange Virtual for Vivid”

July saw the switch from Blogger to WordPress — and an explosion of pictures on both  why eye . . . .  and the re-geared Imaginary Bicycle

An ambitious plan to record everything I love about my town left me with almost too many photos.

Favorite bike-riding shots include:  “Make Hay While the Sun Shines,” “Climb by Night,” “Bike Clematis @ Evening,” “Love my Perennial Sweat Pea,” and “Bike into a Better Frame of Mind.”

My favorite picture this month, “Exchange Virtual for Vivid,” is from a slide show of a bike ride to Portland’s Farmer’s Market.  I think it may be my favorite picture of the year– all the bright colors, vegetal shapes and the communication of the hands.

Other shots that turned out well in July:  “Pay Nothing Just to Look,” “Bite into Berry,” “Softly Dream of Moth Mullein,” “Am For Sale,” “Finish at Last,” and “Ave Ava.”  Are these great pictures, or do I just love the color red?

taking pictures 2011 – January “Walk on Water”

You can take a walk through days past:  October 2010, November 2010, December 2010 . . . or you can just Walk on Water: 

January 2011 – “Walk on Water”

It was a close call for me between this photo, “Walk on Water,” with its lovely wash of colors and watery reflections and three others: “Must Move”,  “Please Walk” and “Scatter Shadow”.

I liked seeing through the layers in “Please Walk“.  And also the signage with its many gentle exhortations, the patterns of straight lines, and that shadowy figure in red just beyond the curtain.

Scatter Shadow,” in its turn, is nicely atmospheric and I loved the pure motion and active reds of “Must Move“.  But I think the clincher for choosing “Walk on Water” was the kite.

Most of these pictures showed up as thumbnails in “and that was january . . .

taking pictures 2010 – December “Thank You, Baby Born”

These are the pictures I keep coming back to: October 2010, November 2010.  Now here’s the third in the series: 

December 2010 – “Thank You, Baby Born”

I love the way the shapes of the hands reflect each other in “Thank You, Baby Born.” But it was a close choice between this and “Thank you, Swift Couriers” which I like for its inner mixed with outer — the layers of perception. I already feel nostalgic for all its soon-to-be-retro details.

Other pictures, too, still brighten my eye from this month:  “Thank you, Orange” is so very orange, “Thank you, Pillow” still looks beckoningly restful, “Thank you, Little Christmas Lights” still makes me want to have a party despite the icy puddles.

taking pictures 2010 – November “Need No Stained Glass Window”

I’m taking a detour through the pictures of my past blogal year.  Yesterday was October,  today November, tomorrow might be . . . but today is November.

November 2010 “Need No Stained Glass Windows”

This photo, meant to accompany the NaNoWriMo chapter set to Jaron Lanier’s “Medieval American Open Sky”, never made it into a post, except as part of a series of autumn color on why eye . . .

Very few photos made themselves public in November, 2010.  Just like the word-count reports that dribbled away before the month was out.  Looking back, the whole month of November was pretty scant. At least we can say we survived it.

taking pictures 2010 – October “Huckle Berries Local $5/pint”

I take my pictures constantly.  But not very seriously.  They’ve always been just a kind of focusing tool.  A quick shorthand to remind me what I’ve seen.  And they add a nice color to the page when I stick one in a post.

But lately I’ve been finding —  in all the writing I do — I’m always wanting to drop a photo into the page to give my eyes an image to dive into while I pull out the words and try to untangle the thread of what I’m saying.

I meant to post as a celebration of another blogal year — which for me begins and ends in October —  a year’s worth of my favorite pictures. Hoping they’d give you pleasure, too. 

Life interfered and months intervened, but I’m all for second chances.  Now rather than one huge picture post, here’s one month at a time.  Still hoping looking at some of these (again) will give you pleasure!

October 2010 – “Huckle Berries Local $5/pint”

“Huckle Berries Local $5/pint” comes from “all the things I’ll never tell you now”.

I love the purples and blues and that clear yellow, though it was a toss-up between this picture and “you come, too”

Looking through the past year’s pictures, I notice that I’m consistently fond of grids imposed on organic shapes or juxtaposed against them.  Something about the contrast. And of course, the ongoing obsession with the color, lustre, shape and texture of fruits and vegetables.