Stone Road Loop route and map

10.7 miles with a nice hill – good to start strengthening muscles for the longer rides of summer. 

From Hwy 30, west of Portland, between Scappoose and St. Helens, turn left at Church Rd. and then after several intersections right on Hazen Rd.  Stone Road begins not far from the St. Helens Golf Course (turn left from Hazen Rd.)

The loop begins on a rather level, curving stretch then quickly rises above Douglas fir covered hillsides.  The descent is quick and exhilarating.  But do be aware of occasional oncoming and merging auto traffic at the junction of Cater and Stone.  CAUTION: no shoulder on the ups and downs (dipsy-doodles) of the Sykes Road stretch and semi-blind  curve at the firehouse on Saulser Road (by the fairgrounds).

Riding the Stone Road Loop: “Finding It,” “The Stone Road Loop

Google Map: Stone Road Loop


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