This is not really a blog about bicycles.

If that’s what you’re looking for (and if by bicycle you mean the kind of elegant and classic machine that will make your daily cycling life a joy) – hie yourself over to Lovely Bicycle! where the conversation is expert, entertaining, and always well-mannered.

This is not even a blog about bicycling

If that’s what you hope to find, may I suggest you tootle on over to Joyride with Mia Birk, “one of the most important figures in America’s urban biking renaissance” and author of a great new book of the same name.  Or take a spin with Portlandize, Bike Portland, and Bike Snob NYC for news and discussion of the issues that come up as bicycles become more and more a part of our daily streets in the US.

Especially for women on two wheels, in years past I couldn’t recommend too highly LGRAB (Let’s Go Ride a Bike) and  Simply Bike — now both sadly defunct.  On my winding path to biking happiness I’ve been inspired by these fun and fashionable ladies to find a bike and gear that fit me and the way I wanted to ride.

As for inspiration about what a cycling city might look like — I like to imagine I’m riding in the Netherlands with A View from the Cycle Path.

But as for this —

This is a blog about obsession. 

It’s about bicycles and cycling as a vehicle to change.

This site is obsessed with change, seasons, long cycling trips, daily biking, overheard conversations, dead poets, growing up,  vegetables, hill climbing, roadside flowers, true love, mortality, local produce, bike baskets, flower gardens, farmer’s markets, brown eggs, food banks, light on water, second chances, the Economist, community gardens, libraries, sidewalk tables, public spaces, and pomegranates.

 I’m just glad to have your company along the way.


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  1. hi! love your stuff! found you while researching helmet covers for my first tweed ride soon. in dunedin, new zealand, where we can ride all year round. cya, Jeanette

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