Big Rock Candy Mountain bike trail

View Larger Map – click here for Google map of Hwy 89 from Elsinore to Marysvale – the bike trail follows a parallel route along Sevier River

map and elevation info of the ride from Richfield to Big Rock Candy Mountain on 

 Candy Mountain Express description from, map included at link:

The paved Candy Mountain Express Bike Trail follows part of the route of the former Marysvale Line of the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad, which was decommissioned in 1976. The trail affords splendid canyon scenery, with colorful rock formations and views of the Sevier River. You will see old mining and railroad sights along the way, and maybe even some deer or wild turkeys.

From Sevier Junction south, the trail crosses Clear Creek and the Sevier River, entering the canyon. Here it passes by the 200-foot-long Eagle Rock tunnel, built in 1896. Historical markers tell of the railroad’s history. South of the tunnel the trail winds along the river through the canyon and ends at around 7 miles, where you can cross the river to Big Rock Candy Mountain Resort. Here you’ll find lodging, refreshments and restrooms.

North and east of the Sevier Junction trailhead, the Rock Candy Mountain Bike Trail passes through farm country and parallels the east side of SR 258 (Sevier Hwy) to Joseph. Here the trail crosses to the west side and continues to Elsinore ending at just over 9 miles. This section has short, steep grades and almost no shade but you can buy food and drink in Joseph and Elsinore.

A plan for the Sevier Junction includes new parking lots, a raft launch ramp, a picnic area with shade trees and public restrooms and informational kiosks. The trail will one day be 20 miles.

pictures of the trail from Flying U Country Store

[description from (Local Rides : Road Rides)- link now defunct, sadly]

LENGTH:12 miles
RATING: Grade = 2 Difficulty = 1 Pace = 1 to 3
TIME:1 to 1 1/2 Hour

“Start on old Highway 89 at the Sevier Junction, just off I-70. There is a parking area and restrooms at the trail head. Head towards the mouth of the canyon and cross the new Clear Creek bridge and Sevier River bridges. The trail parallels Highway 89. Ride up the canyon on the old railroad bed. When you get to the tunnel, stop and read about its history. There are lots of old mining and railroad sights along the way. Make sure you watch for deer and wild turkeys, along with other wildlife. At the top, the trail turns right off the old railroad bed and goes to Big Rock Candy Mountain. Stop and have a bit to eat or return back the way you came.”


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