The Map: the Annual Astoria

86.3 miles (one way) from the Columbia River, up over the Coastal Range and around Astoria on the Pacific Ocean.  We usually ride this on a Friday and return on the following Monday, so that we can enjoy the weekend tootling around Astoria (local bumper sticker: “We ain’t quaint.”) 

If you click on “View Larger Map” below and then zoom in on Astoria you can see the route we usually take up and over the spine of this hilly city to the tourist’s side of town (motels, restaurants, museums, trolley cars, riverside path).  On our way home we usually stay on the Riverwalk path and ride it around Tongue Point out under Astoria Bridge, connecting up with 202 to Olney and Jewell on the outskirts of town.

The Route: the Annual Astoria

Riding the Annal Astoria:The Slow One” (2009)


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