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Family biking means hours together out under the sun (or the rain, if you live in the Pacific Northwest).

We’ve been biking together for over a decade.

Wherever it’s happened, biking has made our family. Made us stronger. Made us closer.

Made us see things about this world and about ourselves we might have lived our whole lives without realizing.

We hope the detailed routes with maps and commentary, pictures, trip itineraries and useful links below inspire some great rides of your own – we’ve divided them by length.

(click on links below to open individual pages for details of some great rides)

Tours (over 100 miles and multi-day):

USA, Oregon/Washington (Portland – Port Townsend – Portland)  Kitsap Peninsula & Puget Sound –  250+ miles, 10 days

USA, Oregon/Washington (Scappoose – Long Beach – Astoria – Scappoose)  Long Beach, WA & Astoria, OR Coastal Loop – 230+ miles, 6 days


Rides (30-100 miles, one day):

USA, Oregon, Columbia County, Scaponia Campground Out & Back – 35 miles, 2 big hills

USA, Oregon (Scappoose – Astoria)  The Annual Astoria Ride  – 80+ miles to get there, 1 mountain range, 1 day. (~170 miles round-trip, 2 separate days)

USA, Utah (Elsinore -Marysvale)  Big Rock Candy Out & Back  – 40+ miles


Jaunts (10 to 25 miles):

Belgium, Brugge to Lissewege, Windmills & Waterways – 11.3km (7.02 miles)

USA, Oregon, Scappoose, Dikelands Loop/ Extended –  11 miles/ 14 miles

USA, Oregon, Warren, Stone Road Loop – 10+ miles, one big hill

USA, Oregon, Yankton, Old Yankton Loop – 12 miles, hilly

USA, Utah, Clear Creek Canyon, Petroglyphs & Newspaper Rock – easy ride, with many places to stop and explore ancient rock art.


Toodles (under 10 miles):

Belgium, Brugge

Canada, Ontario, Toronto (Thanksgiving Day)

USA, Oregon, St. Helens


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